Analysis - Acoustics, Escape routes, Visibility study

Project data

Input Parameters


BBC VI - Bratislava Bussiness centre


Bratislava, Slovakia

Project phase

Architecture study (3rd place)

- Marani Architects

Workstation location

Escape exit location

Observer location 

Sound source and intensity

Rate of absorption over a distance 


    An analysis is a very important and integral part of the project. It should be involved already in the initial design process, as it usually directly affects the concept of the building itself or is directly related to design standards.
    The analyzes carried out in this project relate to the visibility, acoustics of the offices and the length of the route from each workstation to the exit door. The input for visibility analysis is the position of the observer. The input for the acoustic analysis is the position of the noise source and its intensity. Finally, for the analysis of escape route lengths, the input parameter is the location of the workstation chairs and the position of the escape stair doors in the RVT model. In the script, these elements are filtered and the shortest path from each workstation to the nearest escape exit is found.
    Lastly, a schedule that contains the numbering of each workstation and generated distance to the escape door is exported. For more clarity of the analysis result, this numbering and color marking is also shown in Revit.

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