Parametric Roof Structure
2050 Gas Station

Project data

Input Parameters


Roof shape

Number of  load-bearing beams



2050 Gas station


Czech Republic

Project type

Architecture Study

      The aim of the project was to propose a vision for the design of a gas station in 2050. The vision aims to combine the structure of the city with advanced technologies and nature. The gas station is not a separate element but is part of the city's organism or part of the structure and diversity of nature. As a gas station is perceived as part of the whole, it is treated in detail as well. Each component has its place, is shaped, and is technically processed for the purpose.
The gas station can thus be placed at any location and can be supplemented with its needs. In the city, it brings new possibilities of parks and green areas with the function of a community center and in remote places, it fulfills the function of its essence, ie function for refueling energy both for the vehicle and for the human body.

        The design of the roof for the parking and charging area is based on the geometry of the linear surface, which is due to its shape very suitable for collecting rainwater and placing solar panels over its entire surface. The water is then drained to two places on the sides where the retention tanks are located and from where the water is distributed for other purposes. Thanks to its variable orientation, solar panels effectively capture solar energy throughout the day.