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"Computational BIM refers to the innovative problem-solving approach where users define algorithms to have automated generation and manipulation of building-related information for better work efficiency, effectiveness and productivity gains"  (Computational BIM Workgroup, 2017).

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Scripting & Automation

Dynamo Script Creation / Computational Design / Visual Programming / Python / Revit Data Management using Dynamo / Revit Processes Automation using Dynamo 

Dynamo is a scripting program that has been automatically installed with Revit since version 2020. Dynamo is used for so-called scripting, this activity can also be called visual or computational programming. Dynamo is fully integrated with Revit functionality and offers a very interesting addition to innovative functions.

Dynamo can work with both geometry and data in the Revit project, it can manage, change, move, delete, control, and automate any repetitive activity. By running a so-called script, you can very quickly perform a series of tasks that would manually take long hours.


Parametric Modeling

Revit Parametric Models Creation using Dynamo / Form Finding / Geometry Rationalisation 

Parametric design is a forward-thinking approach to architectural design based on the concept of parameters. During the design process, almost every part of the model is constantly changing. Re-creating any model parts is time-consuming and not effective. Using graphical programming the model becomes flexible and you can control it simply by changing the input parameters and generate an infinite number of design variants. Whether building masses, facades, building structure, interior elements such as staircases or railings, or any other model of your choice, the product of our collaboration will be a Dynamo script that you can easily play, change input parameters, and find the best solution for your proposal.


How does it work?


has a vision


creates script


changes the input parameters and finds the best design

param modeling

Analysis, Simulations & Generative Design

Space Planning / Sun and Solar Analysis / Fire Escape Analysis / Generative Desing for Dynamo ...

A novelty of the Revit 2021 is a plug-in called Generative Design (for lower Revit versions the Project Refinery). The application works with a parametric model created in Dynamo and automatically creates variants by changing the input parameters, or optimizes the input parameters to achieve the desired goals. With the help of this application, it is possible to process optimizations of mass studies, space planning, generate variants of facades and other elements in the project, optimize views, construction costs, and much more.

With the help of Dynamo, it is also possible to perform countless amounts of analyzes from solar and light studies, analyzes of acoustics, visibility, or, for example, analyzes of escape routes from the building.


3D Modeling

3D Project Modeling / Custom Revit Family Development ...

One of the most important aspects of a well-functioning BIM model is the quality of 3D families, especially the way they are parameterized and their parameters management in general. High-quality modeled elements and, moreover, the quality of the entire model lead to efficient work throughout the entire life cycle of the building. I can create for you both user families, individual parts of models or even a comprehensive solution for the entire BIM model.

3D modeli

BIM Management

BIM Workflow / BIM Standards Implementation / BIM Execution Plan / BIM Coordination

The process of creating a BIM model is a very complex matter that requires experience from all stages of documentation. The approach to BIM changes at each stage of the documentation. Already in the initial phase of the project, it is necessary to think about the next stages and plan the whole process of creating a BIM model, which ultimately leads to a very efficient workflow.

As more and more countries begin to mandate BIM, organizations must adopt BIM to remain competitive. I can aid you along your BIM journey, whether you are just starting or want to take your processes to the next level. 

BIM manah

Training & Consultation

Group Revit Training / One to one Training / Online Training / Mentoring /  BIM Technical Support

During training and consultations, I place particular emphasis on an individual approach. Training is always tailored to the needs of the studio, individual topics are explained in practical examples. Training and consultations can take place online or in person. Topics and training levels are always tailored to the specific team. 


Revit Templates

Custom Revit Templates Creation 

A great Revit template is as much a necessity as a properly modeled families or BIM management. The project based on a quality template with the necessary settings and prepared basic families will clearly make the work of all model creators and participants in BIM processes more pleasant and will lead to a very efficient workflow.


Last parametrics, as well as the creation of families, also deals with the creation of templates that always adapt to the needs of your office and individual projects.


The offer also includes a basic architectural template, which is prepared especially for architects to prepare an architectural study in Revit.


Project Visualization

Project Presentations / Model & Data Visualizations / Videos / Scheme creation ...

The presentation of the project is an integral part of each of its phases. Whether it is a presentation of a 3D model or data using videos, visualizations, diagrams or diagrams, Last parametric will create impressive outputs for you according to your ideas.


Parametric Principles

    ​In the last decade, a new type of design software has emerged that has fundamentally changed the way that architects use computers and develop their designs. These tools, known as parametric design software, allow architects not only to model the final design solution but also to describe the entire design process itself. During this process then architects define specific values called parameters, that can be used in this process to control the whole design. Although such a model requires more work at the beginning, it offers to architect many advantages and in the end, it helps to find the most suitable solution within a very effective time frame.
     n architect can quickly generate different design variants by changing input values, avoiding the manual and tedious creation of individual option that often fail to meet their best solutions. The parametric model is absolutely adaptable to changes in the future. Because the model is defined by a series of operations,  it is possible to adapt the design to changing conditions very easily instead of always building the model from zero. Most importantly,  the parametric approach allows an architect to think through all the design solutions deeper and more dynamic than it is possible with traditional 3D or 2D methods.       
   With parametric principles, besides the classic design process, where an architect studies a problem, internalizes all his constraints and goals, and uses his ability and experience to find the solution, all the constraints and goals can be used as part of a single parametric model that generates possible solutions.


About Me

My name is Lucie Mizerová and I am an architect specializing in BIM and parametric design. I have been working with BIM since 2011 and leading Revit and Dynamo lectures at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague already for five years. I gained my experience mainly during an internship in London office Foster + Partners. There I met with the advanced design software and with the methodology of parametric modeling. Working with such models was very effective and led to functioning solutions.

I have been actively developing my experience for several years in one of the leading Czech architectural offices, where I have simplified work for myself and my colleagues through effective procedures in Revit in combination with script creation in Dynamo. We used these scripts on a daily basis for parametric models, analyzes, or to supplement or improve some of the missing Revit functions.



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