Bowl & Visibility Curve 

Project data

Input Parameters

Athletic oval and velodrome shape

Reference point location

Step depth

Step height

Amount of seating rows



Multifunctional Athletic Hall and Velodrome 



Brno, Czech Republic


Project phase

Diploma thesis

    The aim of the script is a parametric design of the bowl, which sightline in each seat would meet the minimum required values, both for the visibility of the races taking place in the velodrome and for athletics races as well as for other sports and cultural events.
   First, the geometry of the sports areas themselves is modeled, especially the more complex geometry of the velodrome. Focus points on individual lanes are determined. The floorplan boundary of the bowl is further modeled in relation to the shape of the whole building.
   The input parameter is thus the number, height, and depth of the individual seating rows, which generated the shape of the entire bowl. The output C-value is calculated for each place on the bowl. This value depicted the distance between the viewer’s head top and the link between the viewer’s eye sitting above him and the focus point on the sports field. The values ​​are further evaluated by a range of colors and highlighted in the case of non-compliant values.