Irregular staircase parametrization

Project data

Input Parameters


Staircase shape splines

Riser depth

Riser Height 

Level height



Prague Downtown Hotel 


Prague, Czech Republic

Project phase

Planning permit - Marani Architects

       One of the most problematic system families in Revit are the staircases and railings. It is practically impossible to create an atypical shape for both staircases and railings. In-place components and their sweep tools are often not functional. Therefore, atypical staircase shapes are a great challenge for parametric design in the Dynamo. Staircases are one of the many elements that are constantly changing throughout the project design phases, and this can make the work in Revit very difficult and inefficient.
        An atypical round staircase including its railing was designed and completely parameterized for this hotel lobby. In this case, the input geometry was created directly in the Revit and it consists of two splines, which form the boundary curves of the staircase. The entire geometry is then created again in the dynamo. The parameters are the height of the level, the risers depth, height and their amount, and also the shape of the handrail. Each design change is then quickly changed in the script with a few simple steps.