Means of Egress Study

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Diagonal building width​

Fire staircase doors location

Apartment entrance doors location

    The design of the Portland residential complex was complicated primarily in the many regulations regarding escape routes that had to be met according to Oregon standards. There was not only the length of the escape route from the door of the apartment to the door of the escape staircase. Each floor had to have two escape staircases, and the distance between their doors could not be less than 1/3 of the diagonal (that is, the largest) width of the entire building. All these inputs are included in the calculation script at the beginning of the design. Thus the shape of the building and the calculated diagonal width, the doors of escape staircases and doors of all residential units. Using the script the individual distances are calculated and then compared with each other. Specifically, the distance between the escape staircase door and the diagonal building width and the individual distances of all apartments doors to the escape staircase doors. The unsatisfactory values ​​were listed and the proposal was changed accordingly. 



Barbur Bvld Development


Portland, Oregon, USA

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