Parametric design of bearing structure and roof

Project data

Input Parameters


Multifunctional Athletic Hall and Velodrome 


Brno, Czech Republic

Project phase

Diploma Thesis

Bowl slope

Beam cross-section

Stadium shape curve - Ellipse

Number of cables in two directions

Height and location of the points of a hyperbolic paraboloid



    The aim of the parameterization is to complete the bowl script modeled on the basis of the sightline calculation with the load-bearing structure of the bowl itself and the structure of the entire stadium building. For the correct functionality of the script, an adaptive A-beam family with three adaptive points is created in Revit first. Two adaptive points are located on the ground at the foot of the beam and one at the top of the beam. The top point is also used for fixing the steel structure of the roof. The family includes cross-section size parameters which values ​​are calculated separately and then inserted into Dynamo.
  The script is created to follow the geometry of the bowl. The geometry of the roof is based on the principle of a hyperbolic paraboloid. The input parameters are the location and height of the control points of this surface. The curve that defines the plan shape of the entire stadium, ie the ellipse, is projected into the roof surface - hyperbolic paraboloid. The points that are placed on this curve on the roof surface are together with the points on the terrain plane adaptive points for the A-beams.
       Lastly, the geometry of the three-dimensional stiffening perimeter beam as well as the geometry of the steel cables is processed.