Parametric Facade Optimalization

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Office building 



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Number of panels in the perimeter

Amount of levels 

Panel center height


    The eternal problem of parametric models is complexity and mainly a number of different shapes, which are generated for example on the basis of a range of values and whose production is often very expensive and even unrealistic.    
    The aim of parameterization is therefore always to optimize the script so that the number of different sizes in this case of facade panels is reduced and the parametric principle by which the facade was created is kept. This script works with this principle and with the parameter, which is primarily the height of the central part of the panel, optimizes so that its value can be repeatable both in the lower part of the panel and in its axially symmetrical upper part. Out of a total of approximately 850 different panel types, their number is reduced to 64. Their dimensions, area, number of each type and location are listed in an excel schedule.