Parametric facade - Sun Reactive Facade

Project data

Input Parameters


Office Building Roztyly


Prague, Czech Republic

Project phase

Architectural Competition (2nd place)

- Marani Architects

Building shape

Sun position and direction 



         The main purpose of this script is to create a parametric facade that responds directly to the surrounding variable conditions at a given time and place. One of these factors is sunlight, which directly contributes to the thermal comfort of the interior, but also to the overall self-sufficiency of the building. Eliminating the transmission of radiation into the interior in combination with constant daylighting is one of the most important aspects of the design of each office building. For this reason, the facade was chosen to be shaded by fixed vertical lamellas. Each of them is then turned by a script from the starting position 90° perpendicular to the facade, so as to prevent the passage of sunlight into the interior while maintaining sufficient indirect daylight.